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Hi, I'm Arlene Laskey, the Cashback Coach.
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As the Cashback Coach, I would love to help you reach your goals, whatever they might be.  Click on my picture to learn more about me.

I saved over $200 on one Shopping trip!

I love to double and triple dip on my shopping!  When I was able to collect and use PC Optimum Points together with Cashback, I had one shopping trip at Shoppers Drug Mart where I saved over $200!  

Arlene Laskey

Nurse and Marketer

My revenue increases every year!

As a small business operator, I love to reward my loyal customers by offering cash back on the purchases they are going to make anyway.  And they become even more loyal, returning multiple times.  This has increased my revenue every year since becoming a merchant!

Ken Purschke

YEG Big Lake Sod Depot

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